Banner picture for the Rabbit Hole Vintage shop at District 23 in Springfield Illinois


Vintage Clothing • Shoes • Jewelry • Fashion Accessories

Renewable. Rewearable. Remarkable.

Do you like putting your signature flair on everything you wear? Then drop by The Rabbit Hole at District 23. Come discover our meticulously curated collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

You’ll also find new fashions to complement your vintage treasures. So you can create outfits that are chic and totally unique.

The Rabbit Hole is the place to upgrade your closet with vintage clothing and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.

Save money, save the environment

Producing new clothing and disposing of the old takes a huge toll on our environment. (The textile industry is the second leading cause of pollution around the world.) You can go greener by breathing new life into pre-owned and vintage clothing. You’ll save money, help the environment and look stylish.

About Us

When I wander into a thrift shop or vintage clothing store, it’s like I tumbled down a rabbit hole. Surrounded by wonder, I lose all sense of time, searching for hidden gems that catch my eye and sense of style. But there’s only so much I can wear, so I’ve decided to share this obsession with Springfield. So let’s look back in time together and revive those styles that are ready for their second act. Come follow me down the rabbit hole.


Michelle Tjelmeland, owner of District 23 in Springfield, Illinois